PRO2 foundation. Creating jobs in Nepal

Our mission 

Pro2 Foundation wants to reduce the labour immigration in Nepal by a 2-way policy. On the short term we want to generate money and attention for the situation of the Nepali labour immigrants and their relatives by organising campaigns and activities in the run-up of the 2022 world cup soccer in Qatar. This will be in cooperation with other organisations and companies with the same goal: all profits go to the ex-immigrants and their relatives. We already have an agreement with the Cruyff brand for some activities.  

With the money raised and the attention drawn to our mission as of 2023 we focus on the second, long term, goal of our misison. The establishment of a Nepali based sportsbrand.

After the world cup we start the Pro2 sports brand with production in Nepal and manned by ex-labour workers and their relatives. In 3 year we awant to create 250 jobs in Nepal with the production of sport cloaths to be sold in the Netherlands and Europe.

In both the short and long term policy Pro2 Foundation seeks co-operation with other NGO's and organizations with the same goals, policy and objectives.

The name Pro2 represents the business standards and value we work by. We are in favour of things and people and act with a positive basic attitude.